5 Situations Where You’ll Definitely Want a Lawyer

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When you’ve been injured at work and are about to begin filing a Florida workers’ compensation claim, you’ll likely wonder whether or not you really need to hire a Boca Raton lawyer. In most cases, taking the time to at least consult with a Boca Raton workplace injury lawyer can give you the opportunity to address your legal concerns, and then you can pursue the best settlement package possible.

There are several instances in which you’ll want to take your workers’ compensation case to a lawyer, such as when:

  • your claim has been denied;
  • you’ve been fired, harassed, or demoted as a result of your accident;
  • you can’t get the medical care you need;
  • you aren’t receiving your Florida workers’ compensation checks; and
  • your employer has claimed a penalty against you.

You may have even started working with the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims about a dispute. If you feel your case isn’t being handled fairly or if you want to double-check that your settlement offer is sufficient, set up a consultation with an attorney in your area.

In Boca Raton, workplace injury lawyers routinely assist clients in getting the benefits they’re entitled. They’ll help investigate the accident, collect evidence, and skillfully prepare a case to the courts. Before deciding which law firm to work with, learn about how to hire a lawyer.

Contacting a Boca Raton, Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When you can’t reach a settlement or you’ve been denied a claim, getting legal assistance from an attorney is the next step. When a workplace injury in Boca Raton leads to serious injury, you may be faced with a long road to recovery, pain and suffering, lost wages and high medical bills. A Florida personal injury attorney from Eltringham Law Group – based in Boca Raton, Florida – can help you to pick up the pieces after a devastating accident or assault. Our law offices help clients throughout South Florida. For a FREE consultation contact us today561-338-0420.

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