8 Ridesharing Tips For The Holidays

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Whether you are trying to keep the party going or simply avoid traffic and parking, using a ridesharing program like Uber and Lyft during this holiday season can be magical!

Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular over the last few years as a comfortable and almost private car service for many people – especially during the holidays!

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Using a ridesharing program like Uber and Lyft allows you to avoid having to find and pay for parking and allows you to enjoy your time with friends without having to identify a designated driver.

Here are eight great tips for you when using Uber and Lyft during the holidays:

Download Multiple Apps

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If you have accounts with both Lyft and Uber apps, you can compare the pricing and wait times. Make sure to set up your accounts before you want to use them to save time!

Schedule A Ride

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Both Uber and Lyft apps allow you to schedule a ride ahead of time so you have one less thing to worry about. You can also use this as a great reason to leave those “obligatory” parties at just the right time!

Avoid Surge Pricing

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If possible, schedule your rides outside of heavy commute times to avoid higher pricings. Or you can always wait 5-10 minutes and redo your search for a new fare.

Share The Fare

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If you’re sharing a ride with your friends, you can choose the option to split the fare – no more worrying about who owes who!

Meet New People

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By using UberPool and Lyft Line, you can save up to 25% on your ride and also meet some new friends along the way!

Confirm The Driver 

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Before you get into any car, it’s important that you ask the driver for his/her name and match the license plate of the vehicle to the profile on the app. Not only does this help you stay safe, it will also get you to the accurate destination.

Refer A Friend

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You can earn free rides and credits by referring a friend! This is an easy one to do with friends, especially if you plan on sharing rides together! Many times there will even be a special discount for both parties too!

Search For Discount Codes

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Many times you can find discount codes for Uber and Lyft rides on their websites or social media profiles. You could even try a general Google search to see what you can find!

We encourage you to be safe and responsible every day, but especially during the holidays with increased traffic and events. If you are involved in a car accident when riding with a Lyft or Uber car, call the personal injury attorneys at the Eltringham Law Group in Boca Raton.

Our attorneys and staff are available 24 hours and here to help you and your loved ones.  

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