Florida Auto Accidents: The Most Common Reasons They Occur

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According to data collected and published by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), there were 401,867 auto accidents reported in the state in 2019 alone. While car crashes can happen for a wide range of different reasons, there are some common problems that arise over and over again. In this article, our Boca Raton car accident attorneys highlight the six most common reasons traffic collisions happen in Florida.

Six Leading Causes of Car Accidents in Florida

1. Failure to Yield the Right-of-Way
Motorists have a legal responsibility to yield to the oncoming vehicles that have the right-of-way. When they fail to do so, very serious accidents can occur. FLHSMV data shows that failure to yield is the single most common cause cited in crash reports in Florida.

2. Following Too Closely
Many car accidents occur because drivers follow too closely behind another vehicle. In some cases, aggressive drivers intentionally tailgate other motorists. In other cases, a distracted or inattentive driver may lose focus and allow their vehicle to drift right behind another car. In either case, following too closely is dangerous. If the leading car is required to make a quick stop, there may be a rear-end collision.

3. Speeding (Or Driving Too Fast for Road Conditions)
Speeding is another common cause of car accidents in South Florida. Not only does speeding make a collision more likely to happen, but it makes any resulting crash even more likely to result in a serious injury. Speeding is negligence. If you were hurt in a collision with a speeding driver, call an attorney for immediate assistance.

4. Running Red Lights or Stop Signs
In 2019, Florida highway authorities cited “running a red light” in approximately 25,000 accident cases and “running a stop sign” in approximately 17,000 accident cases. All motorists have a legal responsibility to abide by red lights, stop signs, and other traffic signals.

5. Distracted Driving
Unfortunately, distracted driving is on the rise in Florida and throughout the United States. Distracted driving is dangerous in its own right. Though, it is often associated with other traffic violations. A distracted driver may fail to yield the right-of-way, run a red light, run a stop sign, or speed. If you believe a driver may have been distracted while using an electronic device such as a cell phone, call an attorney for immediate assistance.

6. Intoxicated Driving (Drunk Driving and Drugged Driving)
Intoxicated driving is among the most dangerous forms of negligent driving. Drunk drivers are responsible for hundreds of deaths and thousands of serious injuries in Florida each year. If you or your loved one was hurt in a crash with an intoxicated driver, you should call an attorney for help.

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