Kroger Goes Autonomous

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Kroger is the largest grocery chain in the United States and is now setting records for the first company to deliver its products via autonomous vehicles.

Testing began on Thursday, August 15 in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, the partnership between Toyota and Kroger was announced in January 2018, with Nuro – founded by two ex-Google engineers – also unveiling the prototype for the R1 pod that would ultimately transport goods to busy shoppers.

To start, customers can only order from one Kroger-owned store—Fry’s Food Store—and can place an online order for same-day or next-day delivery with a $5.95 delivery fee.

Initial orders will be completed with Nuro’s fleet of self-driving Toyota Prius vehicles, with a safety driver behind the wheel. However, the futuristic vehicles are expected to be human-free when testing is completed, as early as this coming fall.

Arizona has become a popular site for the testing of autonomous vehicles, although the definition of its success has been questioned with recent incidents.

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