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We Provide a Voice to the Injured in North Palm Beach, FL

At Eltringham Law Group, our North Palm Beach personal injury attorneys fight tirelessly on behalf of victims and their families. We can help you get justice and full financial compensation. With more than six decades of combined personal injury experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of the claims process. If you or your family member was injured in Palm Beach County, you need a top attorney on your side. To schedule a free consultation with a dedicated South Florida personal injury lawyer, please call us today.

We Handle a Full Range of Personal Injury Claims in North Palm Beach

Our entire legal practice is dedicated to personal injury law. With experience handling a wide array of cases, our North Palm Beach attorneys have the knowledge and ability to get you and your family results. No matter the specific circumstances of your case, we are always ready to hit the ground running—building a strong, well-documented case to get you full financial compensation. Among other types of personal injury claims, our North Palm Beach attorneys have experience with:

  • Car Accidents: Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of major injuries in Southeastern Florida. In Florida, many minor car accident injury claims are resolved under the state’s no-fault Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance system. However, PIP coverage is almost always insufficient if a person has suffered moderate or severe injuries. We can help you hold the negligent driver at fault. With experience handling complex car accident claims, our attorneys are prepared to protect your rights and help you maximize your financial recovery. If you or your loved one was injured in a crash, call our North Palm Beach car accident attorneys for immediate assistance.
  • Commercial Truck Accidents: Large trucks must be operated with the highest level of safety and caution in mind. Unfortunately, too many big companies put profits before people—cutting corners on safety. Negligent truckers and trucking companies must be held accountable. With deep experience handling complex personal injury claims, our North Palm Beach, FL truck accident attorneys can help you get justice and full financial compensation.
  • Premises Liability: We handle all types of premises liability lawsuits, including slip and fall accidents, negligent security claims, dog bite injuries, and more. Our North Palm Beach, FL premises liability attorneys know how to hold negligent businesses and negligent property owners accountable. If you were hurt on another person’s premises, call our law firm for immediate help. You deserve compensation for your injuries.
  • Medical Negligence Claims: Medical malpractice occurs when a mistake by a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other healthcare provider causes actual harm to a patient. Medical malpractice claims are among the most complex types of personal injury cases. Often, expert testimony is needed to prove liability. If you or your family member suffered an injury or complications as a result of medical negligence, our North Palm Beach, FL medical malpractice lawyers can help.
  • Dangerous and Defective Products: When you buy a product, you reasonably and fairly expect that it will be safe and not cause severe bodily harm. Manufacturers, distributors, and marketers have a legal responsibility to sell safe products to consumers. If you or your loved one was injured by a dangerous or defective product, you can hold the negligent company liable. Call our Florida product liability attorneys for immediate help with your case.
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuits: If your family member was killed due to the carelessness, recklessness, or negligence of another party, we know that there is nothing that could ever truly make things right. At the same time, we also know that your family needs justice and financial support. Our North Palm Beach wrongful death attorneys are here to take care of all of your legal needs so that you can focus on yourself and your loved ones.

Contact the Eltringham Law Group at 561-338-0420 for experienced, compassionate and comprehensive representation so you can rest easy knowing that someone is fighting to get you the settlement you deserve.

We Will Help You Maximize Your Financial Compensation

Following a serious accident, you need money to pay your medical bills and support your family. Sadly, corporations and insurance companies make the claims process difficult. Driven by their motivation to protect their profits, they will work to settle your claim for the lowest dollar amount possible. Do not accept less than you deserve. At Eltringham Law Group, our top-rated North Palm Beach personal injury attorneys have the skills and experience necessary to help you maximize your financial compensation. You may be eligible to recover money for:

  • Emergency medical treatment;
  • Medical bills and related costs;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Psychological support;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Long-term disability; and
  • Wrongful death.

Why Hire the North Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorneys at Eltringham Law Group

Personal injury claims are complex. You need a skilled advocate in your corner. At Eltringham Law Group, we are proud to be one of the highest-rated personal injury law firms in all of South Florida. We have developed a unique, revolutionary system called ‘Lighthouse’ that is designed to hold our legal team accountable and make sure that our clients get the highest quality representation.

Our North Palm Beach, FL personal injury lawyers represent every client with care, focus, and professionalism. With a long record of satisfied clients, our trial-tested lawyers are ready to go the distance to get you and your family the best outcome. We represent injured victims on contingency—meaning you never pay any upfront costs or out-of-pocket fees. Our lawyers only get paid when you recover compensation.

Contact Our North Palm Beach, FL Personal Injury Lawyers for Immediate Help

At Eltringham Law Group, our North Palm Beach personal injury attorneys are aggressive, results-focused advocates for injured victims. We know how to hold negligent defendants and insurance companies accountable. If you or someone you know was hurt in an accident, we are ready to get started on your case. For a free, no-obligation case evaluation or a virtual, contact-free case review, please contact our legal team today. We represent injured victims in North Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County.