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What is Premises Liability?

rickety stairsSlip and fall accidents can drastically change your life in an instant, resulting in serious bodily injury and having devastating consequences. Unfortunately many slip and fall accidents are preventable and may be due to the negligence of a third party.

Premises liability law in Florida dictates that property owners and occupiers, both private and commercial, are in most cases liable for any accidents, injuries or other incidents that may occur on their property. This is because they are expected to maintain property that is safe and free of dangerous conditions that could lead to injury.

When is a Property Owner Liable for Your Injury?

You can trust the personal injury attorneys at the Eltringham Law Group in Boca Raton to investigate all aspects of your accident to build a case that demonstrates that the property owner or occupier was in fact responsible for your accident.

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You Can File a Premises Liability Claim if You:

  • fell down a pair of poorly lit steps at a parking structure and suffered an injury when trying to catch yourself or directly due to a fall
  • tripped on a piece of loose carpeting at a hotel and suffered serious bodily injury like a fractured vertebrae
  • slipped on a wet floor at a grocery store and suffered injuries

Our Legal Team Can Help You to Pursue Compensation for:

  • Medical treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Future medical or long-term care expenses
  • Other expenses or punitive damages

Health-First Mindset

hospitalMany law firms that handle slip and fall accident cases are more motivated by dollars then a real concern for the well-being of their client.

The Eltringham Law Group serves its clients with a Health-First Mindset.  We believes that good health is the most important thing in the world – without it, you have nothing.  Our priority is to help our clients achieve the best possible medical outcome by any and all means possible.

The legal process of resolving a slip and fall accident case can be overwhelming, confusing and exhausting to the client.  Our attorneys are experienced to handle every aspect of your case so that your one and only responsibility is to focus on getting better.

What to Expect When You Have a Premises Liability Case

When you choose the Eltringham Law Group to represent you following a premises liability accident involving personal injury, property damage or death, here is what you can expect to happen:

  • We offer free consultations so you can get all your questions answered and can spend time talking directly with an experienced attorney about your rights and expected outcomes.
  • Leave all the work to us. We will be in contact with doctors, hospitals, witnesses, insurance providers, police, attorneys and anyone else necessary to settle your claim. We will thoroughly investigate your accident and will build a solid case so that you are more likely to be awarded additional compensation from insurance companies or other parties.
  • You focus on you. Whether you are still recovering from injuries or are simply dealing with the stress and anxiety that is common following auto accidents, now is the time to focus on your own needs while you leave the details of your case in the hands of experienced attorneys that will get the job done right.
  • We work on a contingent fee basis. This means that you don’t need to lay out any money up front in order to have our injury attorneys work on your case. We don’t get paid unless we recover a financial settlement or jury award for you.

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Common Legal Questions About Premises Liability

Premises liability is a legal principle that applies to your case if your injuries were the result of unsafe conditions or property defects. Under Florida law, the owner of a property or the party responsible for the maintenance of the property could be liable for your injuries if they were caused by a dangerous condition on the premises.

Unfortunately the list of types of premises liability is endless, but the most common cases our personal injury attorneys have encountered include:

  • slip and fall cases due to inadequate maintenance of the premises
  • trip and fall cases due to inadequate maintenance of the premises
  • water leaks or flooding
  • defective conditions on the premises
  • elevator and escalator accidents
  • amusement park accidents

If you have been injured on someone else’s property due to the negligence of their inadequate safety measures/property maintenance, you must immediately report it to the proper channels. If you are in a commercial or retail store, it should be reported to the on-site manager. If it is on public property, you can call the local authorities to file a report. Document the incident and your injuries with photos of the scene and witness statements and contact information. Seek medical attention for an evaluation and then call the personal injury attorneys at the Eltringham Law Group to help you file your claim.

In Florida, usually you have four years from the date of the incident to file a legal claim. However, it is best to immediately report the incident and seek legal consult from our attorneys to evaluate your claim. This may also differ depending on the details and location of your incident.