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At Eltringham Law Group, our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys fight aggressively to protect the rights and interests of injured victims and their closest loved ones. We are proud to be among the highest-rated auto accident injury law firms in all of Florida. If you or your family member was hurt in a crash in Palm Beach County, our legal team is here to help. To arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a skilled Florida auto accident attorney, please contact us today.

What to Know About Florida’s Car Accident Laws

Following a serious crash, all parties should know their rights under Florida law. To recover the full and fair personal injury compensation that you deserve, you must build a well-supported, compelling legal claim. Here is a brief overview of the key things you should know about Florida’s car accident laws:

1. There are Strict Legal Deadlines: There are two important deadlines to be aware of. First, Florida has a four-year statute of limitations for negligence claims. All negligence lawsuits must be filed within four years of the date of the collision. Though, you should not wait to initiate the claims process. All collisions should be investigated immediately. The other deadline is far more strict: Florida has a 14-day rule for PIP claims. To get coverage from your own insurer—your Personal Injury Protection or ‘PIP’ policy—you must seek medical care within 14 days of the date of the collision. Failure to do so could be used as a justification to deny your claim.
2. Mandatory No-Fault Auto Insurance Regulations: In Florida, all motorists are required to carry no-fault auto insurance coverage. Known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, this coverage will pay for your initial medical care and lost wages after an accident. As PIP coverage is no-fault insurance, it is your first option for compensation regardless of who caused the crash. Unfortunately, you may struggle to get a settlement from your own insurance company. If you are having any trouble with your PIP claim, our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys are ready to help. We will review your case for free and explain what you need to do next to get justice and compensation.
3. Comparative Fault for Serious Accidents: You can file a fault-based personal injury lawsuit in Florida if you were involved in a serious crash. Florida uses a ‘serious injury threshold’ for fault-based car accident injury claims. Under this standard, parties can step beyond the ‘no-fault’ system and bring a claim against any negligent defendant if they were seriously hurt. If you or your loved one sustained major injuries, you should always consult with an experienced West Palm Beach car accident attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer will assess your case and explain your options. As Florida uses a comparative fault standard for these types of claims, each party to a crash will be held liable in proportion to their share of the blame. If another driver bears 100 percent of the fault, they can be held responsible for 100 percent of the resulting damages.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about Florida’s auto accident laws, our West Palm Beach personal injury attorney can help. As our state’s insurance regulations differ from many other states, it is crucial that you have a full understanding of your rights and your responsibilities. We will make sure you are in the best possible position to bring a successful car accident injury claim.

You Deserve Full Financial Compensation for Your Injuries

The road to recovery after a serious crash can be long and frustrating. You need all available financial support to pay for necessary medical treatment, cover lost wages, and provide for yourself and your family. Sadly, large insurance companies are rarely willing to cooperate. They are notoriously difficult to work with and they are primarily focused on trying to settle claims for the lowest amount of compensation possible. At Eltringham Law Group, our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys have experience going up against Florida’s largest insurers. We know how to get our clients full and fair settlement offers and personal injury verdicts. You may be entitled to car accident compensation for:

  • Motor vehicle repairs or replacement;
  • Emergency room care;
  • Hospital bills and related costs;
  • Rehabilitative treatment and physical therapy;
  • Loss of current and future wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Permanent disability/impairment; and
  • Wrongful death of a family member.

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How Our West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

You do not have to go through the claims process alone. At Eltringham Law Group, we pursue justice for the injured with a health-driven mindset—meaning our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys are focused on getting you compensation and getting you better. We are ready to get started with your case right away. Among other things, our West Palm Beach, FL auto accident attorneys will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your legal claim;
  • Answer any questions you may have about your crash;
  • Investigate the accident, gathering all relevant evidence; and
  • Take all necessary legal action to get you justice and compensation.

Injured victims deserve personalized attention from an attorney who cares about their outcome. You can hear from our clients to learn more about our legal services and a history of results. Our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys represent injured victims on contingency. You pay nothing until we win or settle your case.

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