What You Should Do If You Are Injured on a Cruise

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People want it all when they go on vacation: sun, fun, relaxation, and a chance to see new destinations. A cruise offers you just that, and while on board the cruise ship, your every need is seen to as the crew cleans for you, helps you pack and unpack, and sees to your every wish.

But just how safe are cruises? We often hear of cruise ship disasters, such as the 2012 grounding of the Costa Concordia. The cruise ship was wrecked off the coast of Italy and 32 crewmembers and passengers were killed.

While the worst of cruise ship disasters involve the ship sinking or running aground and causing deaths, there are other cruise mishaps. Injuries in a boat accident and deadly illnesses have all occurred on cruise ships.

Cruise Injuries

  • The main cause of death aboard cruise ships is heart attack, which makes sense, as it is the leading cause of death in America. Before you go on a cruise, it is wise to get a full checkup by your doctor. Make sure that you are fit for all the planned activities onboard the ship.
  • Another major problem on cruise ships is gastrointestinal diseases. The Norovirus has turned up many times aboard cruise ships. The CDC does conduct twice yearly unannounced inspections of all cruise ships with United States ports of call, and they publicize their findings. While you are cruising, make sure to wash your hands often and when you are eating, don’t take chances. If you think something looks or smells “iffy,” don’t eat it!
  • Each year there are many thefts reported on cruise ships. Since it is very difficult to lock things up on a cruise ship, keep your valuable items in the ship’s safe (the concierge can help you gain access). An even better idea is to leave your valuables at home!
  • Unfortunately, sexual assault does sometimes happen aboard cruises. Most of the reported cases involved young women and teens who were lured into other passengers’ rooms or private areas. To be safe, it is always a good idea to discuss these types of situations with the young people in your party.
  • While it is not a common occurrence, cruise ships do sink. Be prepared. Make sure to attend any lifeboat drills which are held onboard, and learn where the life jackets are kept (and how to use them!), as well as the location of the lifeboats.

While cruise ships are a wonderful way to relax, unwind, and see new places, it is important to go onto one with your eyes open. Know that injuries sometimes occur, and be prepared for them.

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