Why Us?

Experienced Personal Injury & Car Accident Attorneys

We are very experienced Personal Injury and Car Accident attorneys that routinely and expertly handle ALL types of personal injury, wrongful death, and catastrophic injury cases (See our practice areas tab). Our legal practice is 100% devoted to representing injured victims just like you and your loved ones against the insurance carriers of those individuals or companies that so carelessly, thoughtlessly, and negligently hurt you through no fault of your own. Handling personal injury and accident cases just like yours is all we do 24/7 365 days a year. And we never, ever work for the insurance companies, so you never have to wonder whose side we are on.

But telling you “What” we do still does not answer the far more important question of Why Us? Especially when there’s just so many other personal injury law firms to choose from. You will not find us on the billboards, see or hear us on those relentless television and radio commercials promising untold riches if only you will just sign up with our firm. The real truth is injured victims rarely, if ever, get “rich” from their personal injury case. When you think about it, common sense will tell you that insurance companies could not stay in business very long by paying out huge settlements on every case. And 98% of the time they don’t because that is just not the way the insurance compensation system really works.

Our Values


At Eltringham Law Group, we ALWAYS tell the absolute Truth to our clients, about everything that happens in their case, big or small. You will know what to expect every step of the way from beginning to end. And every single member of our legal team understands the critical importance of honest, regular, and frequent communication with you, the client. Unlike a lot of personal injury law firms, you will always have one of our attorneys available to speak to you directly and answer your questions. This is how we earn your trust in an industry that is filled with broken promises and unmet expectations.


Our ultimate goal is to become your trusted and experienced personal injury attorneys that you can count on 100% to fight your case as fervently as they would if it were their own. The truth is, our attorney David Eltringham has experienced firsthand the many ways an injury can derail your life. Eltringham Law Group has both a strategic plan and a foolproof unique proprietary case management system to protect you from the insurance company and make sure you end up with both a best possible outcome both medically, and financially.

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