James P. Smeriglio III, Esq.



James P. Smeriglio III is a passionate personal injury attorney, inspired to pursue law after a personal tragedy revealed the devastating impact that the negligence of others can have on a family. This event propelled James into a career dedicated to advocating for those injured by the carelessness of others.

James’ practice is driven by a genuine desire to fight for justice and advocate for the injured, finding great satisfaction in making a tangible difference in his clients’ lives. He distinguishes himself in the personal injury field through his dedication to becoming an exceptional trial lawyer, a commitment that ensures his clients receive the most effective representation possible. James approaches each client relationship with empathy and care, treating them as he would his own family, which is crucial in the often-sensitive nature of personal injury cases. He believes in keeping clients well-informed and involved in their litigation process, empowering them to make decisions that best serve their interests.

James is especially passionate about cases involving birth injuries and trucking accidents, where he tirelessly works to secure justice for the most vulnerable victims of negligence. One of his most notable achievements was securing a seven-figure settlement in a case that had been previously declined by several law firms, showcasing his tenacity and skill in overcoming challenging odds.

Outside the courtroom, James’ life is enriched by his family and hobbies. Spending time with his wife and their dog Xena, exploring the outdoors, snowboarding, and traveling, are among his cherished activities. Influential in his career development was Judge Mark Blechman, whose commitment to fairness and rigorous legal standards deeply influenced James. Advocating for legal reform, James strives for a system that ensures equitable compensation for all victims of negligence, including the elimination of sovereign immunity damages caps.

James’ career is a testament to his dedication to justice, his compassion for his clients, and his relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of personal injury law. He has been recognized as part of the Florida Legal Elite in 2017, highlighting his excellence in the legal field. His personal and professional journey reflects a deep commitment to advocating for those harmed by negligence, making a significant impact on the lives of individuals seeking justice for their injuries.


His educational journey began at the University of Central Florida and continued at the Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, where he honed his skills and solidified his commitment to personal injury law and trial advocacy.

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