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Lighthouse IconOur unique Lighthouse™ system will lead you through your case, the right way.

From onboarding your case to your final settlement, our proprietary Lighthouse™ case management system will guide you through everything properly, the way it should be done.

Beginning with your first consultation, throughout your medical treatment, all the way to settlement or trial – your dedicated Lighthouse Concierge team will be right there with you. Our Lighthouse™ system assists in setting clear expectations and maintaining open communication channels.

Step 1

Client Onboarding

Every client will meet with our Lighthouse Concierge Team for a friendly chat about their potential case. A dedicated Lighthouse Team Member is then assigned to gather details and keep in touch with the client throughout the process.

Step 2

Investigation Case Analyzer

Your dedicated Lighthouse Team Member gathers and reviews all the information regarding your case. They process most of the paperwork and ensure any questions or concerns they have for you are clearly communicated and addressed.

Step 3

Client Success Maximizer

Next, our client meets with their Lighthouse Concierge Team Members for a comprehensive review and explanation of the process. We carefully go through both legal and medical records, setting realistic and achievable expectations to keep our client informed and confident.

Step 4

Phase 1 Medical

While clients are receiving treatment during this phase, our Lighthouse Concierge Team stays in touch regularly to keep track of scheduled treatments. If your current medical provider suggests additional referrals or testing, we’ll assist with coordinating those as needed.

Step 5

Phase 2 Medical

You will finalize your initial medical treatments, which might involve referrals to specialists, medical procedures, further testing, or additional treatment recommendations from your medical providers.

Step 6

Resolution of Litigation

The Lighthouse Concierge Team stays in touch with all parties involved in your case and the damages. There are two possible outcomes at this stage: 1) reaching a settlement agreement that works for you, or 2) the inability to achieve a fair settlement will result in the Eltringham Law Group filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

Step 7

Post-Settlement Process

Your case has concluded and we’ve reached a favorable resolution that puts your best interests first. Our Lighthouse Concierge Team will meet with you to thoroughly explain the outcome and continue working diligently to wrap up your case.

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Let's Settle For More... Get Your FREE Case Review Today.
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Let's Settle For More... Get Your FREE Case Review Today.
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Let's Settle For More... Get Your FREE Case Review Today.
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Let's Settle For More... Get Your FREE Case Review Today.