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Car accidents on Fort Lauderdale streets and highways take a heavy annual toll. According to Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), tens of thousands of crashes happen in Broward County every year, causing thousands of injuries and hundreds of fatalities. In their aftermath, injured Fort Lauderdale car accident victims often face profound trauma and crushing expenses. 

Eltringham Law Group is a team of committed, client service-oriented car accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale. Our unique Lighthouse case management process ensures that you receive individualized attention that puts you in the strongest possible position to obtain maximum money damages. If you’ve suffered injuries in a Fort Lauderdale car accident, call us. 

Serious Injuries Can Entitle You to Financial Compensation

In Florida, anyone who causes a car accident through their unreasonably dangerous decisions or conduct can face legal liability for the damages suffered by crash victims, if those victims suffer serious or fatal injuries (as defined under Florida law).  However, because Florida is a “no-fault” auto insurance state, that liability generally will not arise until victims have first exhausted the benefits of their own personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage. If you’ve sustained serious injuries in a Fort Lauderdale car accident, seek medical care for your injuries within 14 days of the accident to protect your rights to PIP benefits and other compensation.    

At Eltringham Law Group, we gather and analyze detailed information about a crash to identify the party or parties at fault who may owe compensation to you, our client. We also assist you in navigating the process of securing the full benefits of your own PIP coverage, with a focus on protecting your rights to seek further money damages from others. 

Negligent Drivers Often Owe Money Damages

In many cases, the root cause of a Fort Lauderdale car accident involves careless or reckless driving, such as:

  • Speeding, tailgating, and other aggressive maneuvers.
  • Distracted driving, including texting and other device use behind the wheel.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Drowsy driving. 

In those circumstances, the negligent driver can owe damages to seriously injured crash victims. The driver’s personal auto liability insurance will typically pay any damages not covered by the victim’s PIP policy, up to the limits of that liability policy. If any damages remain to be paid, the at-fault driver may also have an obligation to pay out of his or her own pocket. 

Others Can Also Face Liability to Injured Crash Victims

Of course, not all Fort Lauderdale car accidents happen because of negligent driving, nor are negligent drivers the only parties who may owe financial compensation to seriously injured crash victims. In many cases, other individuals and entities may also face liability for the harm done by a Fort Lauderdale car crash. 

Every car accident case we handle at Eltringham Law Group is unique. Through careful investigation of the facts, we may determine that liability for your injuries also falls on: 

  • A negligent driver’s employer, if the crash involved a work vehicle.
  • A manufacturer of automotive equipment, if a defective car or car part triggered the accident.
  • A government agency or private road owner, if an unreasonably dangerous, preventable road hazard played a role in what happened. 

These are just a few examples. The Eltringham Law Group team works diligently to tailor our services to the particular circumstances of the crash and how it impacted you. Our aim is to uncover as many potential sources of payment for your injuries and losses as possible so that you have the greatest possible chance of obtaining full, fair compensation. 

Compensation May Cover All Injuries and Losses You’ve Suffered

PIP insurance benefits rarely cover more than a small fraction of the costs associated with a serious car accident injury. If you got badly hurt in a Fort Lauderdale crash, chances are you now face mounting expenses, financial strain, and major disruption in your life. Under Florida law, you have a right to demand compensation for all of it. 

In a Fort Lauderdale car accident case, the team at Eltringham Law Group can often secure payment for your: 

  • Current and future medical expenses arising out of the crash and your injuries.
  • Current and future non-medical expenses the crash and your injuries force you to incur. 
  • Past lost wages and employment benefits if you missed work while healing from your injuries.
  • Future lost income and benefits if your injuries temporarily or permanently prevent you from working. 
  • Physical pain, emotional suffering, and diminished quality of life. 

If the party at fault for your Fort Lauderdale car accident injuries engaged in extreme or intentional misconduct, you may also have the right to seek an award of punitive damages

Our team of Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers and legal professionals at Eltringham Law Group work hand-in-hand with you and, if necessary, your loved ones, to understand the full impact of your injuries on your life, career, relationships, wellbeing, and finances. We strive to make sure that your present and future needs will be met by the amount of financial compensation we seek on your behalf. 

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney Today

Do not wait to seek legal help after a Fort Lauderdale car accident causes serious injuries to you or your loved one. You may have only a limited amount of time to take legal action seeking financial compensation. In fact, if you wait too long and the statute of limitations expires, you may lose your valuable legal rights altogether. 

Eltringham Law Group is a client-centered team of skilled, diligent car accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale who want to help you today.  We understand the personal, physical, and financial hardships you face as the victim of a Fort Lauderdale car crash, and we have the knowledge and resources to secure maximum compensation on your behalf. Contact us today online or call 24/7 for a free consultation with a legal professional who can explain your rights and help you explore your next steps. 

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5 star review

I usually never leave reviews, good or bad, but for this instance, I most definitely had to. David and Marnie were both AMAZING. They made me feel comfortable and confident in their ability to resolve my case. I was walking in a crosswalk and was hit by a vehicle resulting in having to go to the hospital. I sustained injuries from this that I am still in the midst of dealing with. I contacted the firm and was able to speak with them via zoom immediately. I decided to sign with them on a Monday evening (3 days after my accident) and by Tuesday afternoon (the very next day) my case was settled. And settled for the very max that was able to be obtained. I attribute a lot of this to not only the expertise of the firm, but the relationships that Marnie has built with her experience working as a lawyer within a major insurance provider, which just so happened to be the insurance provider involved in my case. This is incredibly atypical for a case to be settled this quickly, especially with this outcome. It has been two weeks to the day today that my accident has happened and my case has already been resolved. I am blessed and more than happy that I decided to hire this firm. Every case is different, but I can bet that this firm will handle your case with care and the utmost professionalism. I pray I never have to go through a situation like this again, but if I did, I wouldn’t hesitate to call this law firm. Thank you guys very much!!


5 star review

I highly recommend Eltringham Law Group to anyone seeking legal advice after having a car accident. David Eltringham and his entire staff gave me the personal attention I needed during a very difficult and painful time. David took the extra steps needed to ensure that I received the medical care I needed as well as the financial compensation I deserved. Harold Torres, Paralegal updated me every step of the way. Thank you Eltringham Law Group!

Laura Lauri

5 star review

I had such a great experience with Eltringham Law Group! I was always kept in the loop and the experience was so personal. I was always in close contact with Teresa who was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend Eltringham Law Group again and again – I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!!

Alex Peacock

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Client Onboarding
Client Onboarding

The client meets with our Lighthouse Concierge Team to discuss the details of their potential case. A dedicated Lighthouse Team Member is assigned to the case to gather information and maintain constant communication with the client.

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Investigation Case Analyzer
Investigation Case Analyzer

The assigned Lighthouse Team Member gathers and assess all information related to the case. A majority of the information is processed, paperwork is submitted and any questions/concerns the Lighthouse Team has for the client are clearly communicated and addressed.

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Client Success Maximizer
Client Success Maximizer

The client meets with their Lighthouse Concierge Team Members to conduct a full review and explanation of the process. Both legal and medical records are reviewed and our team sets realistic and achievable expectations for the client.

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Phase 1 Medical
Phase 1 Medical

The client is undergoing treatment at this point of the process and the Lighthouse Concierge Team maintains consistent communication to monitor the treatment scheduled. Additional medical referrals and testing may be required at this point if recommended by the current medical provider.

Phase 2 Medical 5

Phase 2 Medical
Phase 2 Medical

The client finalizes initial medical treatments that may include referrals to specialists, medical procedures, further testing and/or additional treatment recommendations by their medical providers.

Resolution or Litigation 6

Resolution or Litigation
Resolution or Litigation

The Lighthouse Concierge Team is in communication with those involved with and/or responsible for the damages incurred in your case. Two possible outcomes at this stage are 1) an achieved settlement agreement or 2) the inability to achieve a fair settlement that will result in the Eltringham Law Group filing a law suit on your behalf.

Post-Settlement Process 7

Post-Settlement Process
Post-Settlement Process

The case has completed and an agreement/resolution has been achieved with maximum in the best interest of the client. The Lighthouse Concierge Team meets with the client to fully explain the results and work diligently to finalize their case.

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