Internal Injuries After a Car Accident

man with leg painCar accidents account for a large number of injuries in people of all ages each year across America. While some injuries, such as open wounds and fractures, are evident, internal injuries after car accidents may remain asymptomatic or hidden for days.

At Eltringham Law Group, our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys can guide injured individuals regarding their legal options and how they might gain compensation for the cost of medical care and lost wages.

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What Are Some Common Internal Injuries After a Car Crash?

The force of a car crash can cause serious internal injuries to almost every major organ in the body. During the impact, the driver and passengers may strike each other or other objects in the car, which can cause internal injuries such as:

  • Bruised kidneys
  • Brain injuries
  • Abdominal bruising
  • Internal bleeding

Many individuals experience shock immediately after the crash and may not be aware of how badly they are hurt. Some injuries may present hours later, and others can take days to show.

Some require surgery, which may exhaust any personal protection coverage.

Why Is Immediate Medical Treatment Important After a Car Accident?

Internal injuries after car accidents may not affect victims right away. For example, a brain hematoma may cause small bleeds for several days until larger bleeds occur and cause symptoms like confusion, nausea, vomiting, and slurred speech. Those involved in a car accident may want to seek medical attention the same day of the crash, if possible, even if they don’t think they are really hurt because they have no apparent injuries or pain.

Young children and the elderly have a greater overall risk of internal injuries after a car crash.

Those with existing liver problems also have a greater chance of internal bleeding, which could complicate and delay healing.

Does PIP Cover All Costs for Internal Injuries?

Individuals who own or have registered a car Florida must carry personal injury protection insurance due to the state’s no-fault accident laws. This rule requires injured individuals to turn to their Personal Injury Protection coverage (better known as PIP), which covers approximately 80% of medical costs and 60% of the cost of lost wages. As such, those who experience internal injuries after a car accident may find that they don’t have enough coverage for the cost of procedures to repair injuries such as a punctured organ.

Do Car Crash Victims Have the Right To File a Lawsuit?

While PIP coverage exists to reduce the number of lawsuits filed in Florida courts, victims with car accident internal injuries may find that their damages far exceed PIP. Many of these injuries, such as liver or kidney damage, may require surgeries that eclipse the $10,000 cap that most PIP offers.

Internal injuries after car accidents can also cause life-changing trauma that includes partial or full paralysis from the result of spinal fractures. This can cause injured individuals to lose their employment and even require daily care for the rest of their lives. Medication, physical therapy, and a series of surgeries can cost thousands of dollars. If these victims did not cause the crash, they have the right to file a lawsuit and attempt to prove that the other driver acted with negligence.

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How Does Legal Assistance Benefit Car Accident Victims With Internal Injuries?

When serious car crashes happen and individuals receive internal injuries, filing a lawsuit may help them gain further compensation than what PIP offers. Speaking with our attorneys has a variety of benefits for car crash victims, allowing them to explore their options so they can make the most informed decisions possible regarding their case.

Experience with car crash and injury law

Our attorneys have considerable experience assisting car crash victims and building solid lawsuits based on facts and state laws. This knowledge allows them to provide clients with the information they require to move ahead with a lawsuit, including a better understanding of their rights.

Gathering evidence

Internal injuries after a car crash can cause victims issues with mobility and actions that increase pain. Our attorneys take the responsibility of gathering evidence out of their hands by gathering important evidence and data that includes obtaining police reports, photos of the crash scene, and the names of witnesses who can provide an eyewitness account regarding who caused the crash.

Protection from aggressive insurance representatives

After those with internal injuries from a car accident file a lawsuit against another driver, insurance companies that represent the individual may try to contact the injured party with settlement offers. Those injured may feel vulnerable or exhausted enough to accept an unfair settlement offer. Our attorneys can offer injured individuals complete representation, including fielding calls from insurance company representatives attempting to settle the issue with lowball offers before it goes to trial.

Our Lawyers Handle Cases for Internal Injuries After Car Accidents

A car accident caused by negligence on behalf of another driver can cause serious and life-changing internal injuries. Call us at [phone], or use our online contact form and let Eltringham Law Group handle your internal injury case with the utmost care and personal attention.

Last updated Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

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