Lina Gomez

Lina Gomez

Litigation Paralegal


Lina M. Gomez is a Litigation Paralegal with an impressive career spanning over eighteen years, predominantly focused on Personal Injury and Labor and Employment law. Her journey in the legal field is marked by a dedicated approach and a deep-seated commitment to each client she represents.

In her pivotal role, Lina is responsible for a wide range of tasks that are critical to the success of legal proceedings. These include meticulous document preparation and review, conducting comprehensive client and witness interviews, engaging in detailed research and investigations, rigorous fact-checking, and preparing for trials. Her expertise in these areas ensures a high standard of accuracy and efficiency in all cases she handles.

One of Lina’s greatest strengths is her vast experience coupled with a genuine concern for her clients. This unique combination allows her to navigate the intricacies of legal cases with both professional acumen and personal empathy.

Outside her professional life, Lina is passionate about staying active through exercise and values quality time spent with her family and friends. These personal pursuits offer her a balanced and fulfilling life, complementing her intense professional endeavors.

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