How Much is My Accident Worth?

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One of the most common questions that we receive after a person has been involved in a car accident is, “How much is my accident case worth?” While we do as much as we can to relieve our clients from stress due to paperwork and the burden of medical bills, estimating a case value is very difficult and most of the time almost impossible to know immediately after the accident due to the following factors:

  1. It can sometimes take weeks/months for all of the accident victim’s injuries to manifest and/or become symptomatic—the case worth is always based on what the victim’s injuries are as determined by a medical professional.
  2. Case value also largely depends on the amount of the victim’s past medical expenses incurred, plus future medical expenses as projected by the victim’s doctor after medical treatment is complete and they are discharged from care. With all of these ongoing factors, it becomes virtually impossible in most cases to calculate a case value in the immediate aftermath of an accident.
  3. Case value can increase significantly when the accident victim suffers economic loss/harm resulting from missed time at work and/or the eventual loss of a job due to his/her injuries. Unfortunate situations are almost impossible to determine right away, especially when it comes to job loss due to injuries that can have an effect on a person over a substantial period of time.
  4. Case value can be impacted by the victim’s past medical history and age.
  5. Case value is usually also dictated by the amount of available insurance coverage on the loss. In other words, if the person or company that caused the accident does not have insurance coverage, or has insufficient coverage, it may be impossible to recover the true value of the claim unless the accident victim has uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, known as UM insurance.

Because case value ultimately depends on these unknown factors and many others not listed, accident victims should be especially leery of lawyers, law firms, attorney referral services, cold callers, and “legal representatives” appearing at the scene of an accident, that promise certain financial recovery for a specific dollar amount in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Not only are these practices illegal in the State of Florida, but they are completely dishonest since no legitimate/credible legal professional can tell you how much your case is worth until at least some of these questions are answered—a process that typically takes weeks or months after an accident to complete.

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