The Lighthouse Difference

A Compelling Alternative to Business as Usual

What is Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse case management system is a unique process the Eltringham Law Group developed to substantially enhance the client experience.  The Foundational Pillars of Lighthouse are Integrity, Trust, Transparency and Robust Communication. Lighthouse ensures that every client has full accessibility to our team of personal injury attorneys at the Eltringham Law Group, as well as a complete understanding of the legal process.

Why Does Lighthouse Matter to My Case?

Lighthouse is a system unique to Eltringham Law Group; it’s what makes us different from other personal injury attorneys. We built this program to hold our own attorneys accountable and make sure our clients are getting the care and consideration they deserve.

We work to involve the client in every part of their case, ensuring they feel heard and that their concerns are being addressed. We strive make our process accessible and understandable to the clients, instead of simply informing them with we’ve settled the case on their behalf. This revolutionary take on personal injury law has substantially enhanced the client experience while at the same time creating key accountability with our team.

Since the implementation of the Lighthouse Mindset, we have been able to favorably settle 90% of our auto liability cases without litigation and within 10 months or less from the date of the accident–far better than industry standards of 12-24 months. The best part about Lighthouse is that it effectively eliminates all those things that most clients hate about their personal injury attorney, and we’re the only firm in the world that has it.

In other words, our approach is unique and ultimately offers “a compelling alternative to business as usual.”

Our Process for Working With You

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Do You Have The Lighthouse Mindset?

Use our simple questionnaire to determine if you have the Lighthouse Mindset!


The amount of work, effort and compassion he put into my case is outstanding! I wasn’t just a case number to him, he genuinely and truly cared about me right to the finish line and thereafter.

Desiree W.

Delray Beach, Florida
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They made it so that I am able to focus on healing and seeing the best doctors in the area while they work hard on my case. I appreciate ELG taking the time to fully explain Florida laws to me in detail so that I understand them and am able to take advantage of my rights.


Boca Raton, FL
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My case went into litigation and ELG was there to guide me every step of the way.  They helped me prepare for my deposition and I went into mediation knowing that ELG had fought for me every step of the way.

Ingrid A.

Miramar, Florida
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David is great! He is a wonderful combination of professionalism and personal caring. He has a great team that is helpful and responsive.

Stephen R

Boca Raton, Florida
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David really took the time to answer my questions and explained all the possible outcomes for my case. The staff at Eltringham Law Group were always available to talk to meand kept me informed about my case status. They were always friendly and also made sure I saw some of the best doctors for my medical care.

Reanord J

Dania Beach, Florida
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Each member of the team has truly made me feel more like one of their own family members than just another client. In the whole experience from start to finish they guided me through each step showing me they understood their clients’ personal needs. They took a scary situation and made it one that I never had to worry about. Always attentive to my needs,the Eltringham Law has truly made this experience seamless.

Dayna D.

Delray Beach, Florida
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Eltringham Law Group were very professional with the best staff who worked very hard to take care of me and my family. They kept me up to date with every detail of my claim and made sure I understood every step of the process. The results of the hard work put into my claim definitely showed in the settlement and I greatly appreciate the 110% effort put into my claim.

Cesar M.

Tamarac, Florida
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My case was very delicate but the whole Eltringham Law Group family really helped me through each step of a very hard and emotional process. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone! I am very grateful for their help in a very difficult time and we were able to settle my case as quickly as possible.

Jessica V.

Deerfield Beach, Florida
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David really took the time to answer my questions and explained all the possible outcomes for my case. The staff at Eltringham Law Group were always available to talk to me and kept me informed about my case status. They were always friendly and also made sure I saw some of the best doctors for my medical care.

Reanord J.

Boca Raton
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I’m very happy with the outcome, they went above and beyond of what was expected. They took on a case that nobody wanted and didn’t give a second look at it. Worked years and thousands of hours on my case. They have an outstanding law group and I would recommend them to my family and friends. Everything was finished at an awesome time which is right before Christmas.

Javier C.

Hollywood, Florida
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The Eltringham Law Group referred me to the best doctors and helped facilitate getting my medical treatment covered under worker’s compensation. I was even more impressed when I got a call from David’s paralegal letting me know that my insurance didn’t even put up a fight and offered me uninsured policy limits on my case based on the comprehensive package they sent to the insurance company demanding a settlement for me.

Scott P.

North Lauderdale, Florida
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ELG performed excellently and in a timely manner while keeping me well informed throughout the whole process. I highly recommend this law firm for any car accident victims.

Arik L.

Boynton Beach, Florida
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This firm is amazing, very professional, and did for me what no other firm would have done. The attorneys are on point. And the staff is amazing, always on top of everything. When all is said and done my case settled in 9 months, and I got more than expected. I will refer them to anybody who needs the best lawyers, because they are the best!


Boca Raton, Florida
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I know now that if there is any future situations that I will need a lawyer, I will definitely go to Eltringham Law Group without even thinking about it twice. They were incredible at guiding me through the process and helping me understand every step. The team is super friendly and nice and very trustworthy.

Natalia H.

Pompano Beach,Florida
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Eltringham law group was recently able to get me a successful recovery to compensate me for my outstanding medical bills and reimburse my workers compensation insurance carrier. I am grateful for the hard work that the firm put into my case and getting me this recovery because during the investigation and the evaluation of my claim the lawyers discovered a unique legal issue that would have complete absolved the other driver from liability and prevented me from recovering anything. Based upon my experience, I would highly recommend them to anyone who is involved in an automobile accident.

Ismael V.

Royal Palm Beach, Florida
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I was involved in an automobile accident and started getting the run around from the insurance company. I did not know what to do. I was referred to Eltringham Law Group from a friend. They were very helpful in getting me the immediate medical attention I needed. Theyanswered every question I had along the way. They were a pleasure to work with, very nice and caring.

Matthew S.

Pompano Beach, Florida
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