What Kinds of Evidence are Needed in a Florida Defective Product Claim?

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You will need adequate evidence in order to pursue a defective product claim, but the most important piece of evidence you will need is the product itself. A defective products lawyer may be able to help with the assembling of necessary evidence.

When you’ve been injured by a product, don’t throw it away. A Florida defective product attorney may be able to enlist the help of an expert who can examine it.

Additionally, don’t make any attempts to repair the product or alter it. Doing this could damage your defective product claim.

If there was anything that came with the product—instructions, warnings, labels, ads, pamphlets, packaging—you can also use this as evidence. Keep your receipt for the product as well.

These types of evidence can help establish liability for defective products. However, you will also need to show the types of injuries you sustained and the impact it has had on your life.

Medical records, test results, lab findings, pain journal and anything else that demonstrates the injuries you suffered will be important. An accident report, if applicable, also may be used as evidence.

Preserving evidence is vital to your defective product claim. If you think anything might be of help, keep it together in a file and make copies.

To learn what legal options may be available if you or a loved one sustained serious injuries after using a product, you should contact a defective products lawyer. An attorney will evaluate the details of your case to determine if you have a valid one and who may be held liable.

Contacting a Defective Products Lawyer

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