What To Do in an Automobile Accident

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Keep this important information in your vehicle and refer to it should you or a loved one be involved in an auto or moving vehicle accident.  It will help you greatly if you follow these steps:

  1. Remain calm.  Do not jump hastily out of your vehicle.  Look around, be aware of oncoming traffic
  2. Check for injuries (yourself & others).  Call 911 if injured (call local police if mild or no injuries)
  3. Do not speak to others about what happened, speak only to police.  If you’re able, draw a sketch of the scene, with placement of all elements.  Make notes of all details you can remember while you wait for police, such as lighting, road conditions, speed of vehicles involved, hazards on the road, etc.  Did a tire or seatbelt fail? (TIP: If you do not have a camera on your phone, keep a disposable camera in your vehicle to take pictures of accident scene.)
  4. Insist on a police report.  If you develop pain or injuries later, this will be a necessity
  5. Once the police have finished and all the necessary medical help has been obtained, contact the auto accident attorneys at Eltringham Law Group, P.A. You may need legal representation to help pursue an insurance claim.  We are experienced in dealing with insurance companies for fair and just compensation
  6. Even if your injuries seem minor, always seek prompt medical treatment (preferably on the same date of the accident).  Have a doctor determine the extent of your injuries and the possibility of an ongoing problem.  Keep medical records.

Important Tips

Always keep your car insurance paid up to date.  Always carry Uninsured Motorist protection coverage on your own automobile insurance policy to protect you when the person that hits you does not have any insurance or does  not have enough to cover you.